"Barn", Dolomites
"Barn Windows", Dolomites
"At The Gallery", MA
"Wolkenstein Shutters", Dolomites
"Two Windows", Dolomites
"Closed Off", Dolomites
"Windows in Stone II", Dolomites
"Windows in Stone", Dolomites
"Italian Bike", Dolomites
"See Glass?", Block Island, RI
"Coffee Table and Chairs", Death Valley Junction, CA
"Blue Door", Death Valley Junction, CA
"Red Car", AZ
"Portland Head Light", ME
"Portland Head Light Detail", ME
"Portland Head Light Window", ME
"Home of the Seagulls", Block Island, RI
"Block Island Stacked", RI
"Variations on a Cairn", Block Island
"Lightning Strike", Portland ME
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