Photography Workshops - New for 2019!

I’m now offering 2 Workshops, Introduction to Photography I and II. The sessions are held mostly online. Join from anywhere and skip the commute. All you need is a computer with a camera and Internet access. Yes, and a real camera as well! For the duration of the workshop you will have 24/7 online access to the portal that contains all the workshop material, discussion boards, quizzes, and other resources. I’m still working on the schedule. For now, please check out the curriculum below.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Introduction to Photography I

The goal of “Introduction to Photography I” is to develop or deepen our understanding of how our cameras work, what all those different settings are, and how they affect the images we create. We cover the technical aspects of photography. Choosing the best camera settings for any given scenario needs to become second nature before we are truly free to focus on the artistic aspects of photography. 

Session 1 – The Beginning

  • How we will run the sessions

  • Introduction to the Workshop Online Portal

  • Reviewing the curriculum

Session 2 – The Basics

  • Aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity 

  • Getting out of automatic 

  • A plethora of combinations and their consequences  

  • Types of photography and their challenges

  • The language of photography; important terms and their meaning 

Session 3 – The Lens and the Camera

  • The concept of focal length 

  • Prime versus zoom lenses 

  • Macro lenses 

  • Film versus digital 

  • Digital sensors 

  • The format of the film or the size of the sensor and its implications 

  • The difference between the way the sensor and the way our eyes see 

  • Image formats  

Session 4 – The Development Process

  • What is RAW format and why should you only shoot in RAW?

  • Developing film and prints versus developing a digital photo 

  • The digital workflow 

Session 5 – Light and Color 

  • Color temperature and white balance

  • The inherent difficulties of reproducing colors in different media 

  • The purpose of color profiles 

  • The most common color profiles you should know about 

Session 6 – The Photo Shoot (field trip)

  • We will meet one morning and shoot photos together, putting into practice what we have learned so far. 

Session 7 – The End

  • Reviewing results from the photo shoot

  • Summarizing and reviewing what we have learned

Introduction to Photography II

The goal of “Introduction to Photography Part II” is to put into practice what we’ve learned in the first workshop and give more attention to the artistic aspects of photography. We will learn about light and how to use it, discuss composition rules, and explore topics around image manipulation. We will come back to the technical aspects as needed. 

The aim is to help you become a better photographer in whatever field of photography you want to play in.  

Session 1 – Introduction

  • How we will run the sessions

  • Introduction to the Workshop Online Portal

  • Reviewing the curriculum

Session 2 – Light

  • The role of light in photography 

  • Color temperature and white balance 

  • Other characteristics of light

  • Challenging light situations

  • Dynamic Range

Session 3 – Composition

  • Looking at various rules for composition

  • Can rules be broken?

Session 4 – Development vs. Manipulation

  • Is there such a thing as an "unaltered photo"? 

  • Exploring different ways of altering an image 

  • Where does photography end and digital art start?

  • Are we trying to re-create in a photo what we saw or create something different? 

  • Types of photography – the artistic perspective

Session 5 – The Photo Shoot I (Field Trip)

Session 6 – The Photo Shoot II (Field Trip)

Session 7 – The End